966 Paracord Bracelet Black Deluxe 5/8" Buckle - 550 Paracord and Accessories

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Paracord Bracelet Black Deluxe 5/8" Buckle
Deluxe Cobra Weave Paracord Bracelet Made From 7-Strand Paracord Polyester Cord Material. This Paracord Bracelet Has Approx 10'-12' of Paracord rope for tying, securing, repairing, and other critical tasks. In Emergency Situations You Can Unravel Your Paracord Bracelet And Use It For Dozens Of  Different Emergency Survival Situations. 

Polyester Paracord Bracelet
7-Strand Polyester Cord
Approx. 3/4 Width 
Side Release Buckle Size: 5/8" Buckle

Sizing Is Easy: Just Measure The Circumference Of Your Wrist.

Available Size
Sizes 7"
Sizes 8"
Sizes 9"
Sizes 10"

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