SCP-WEA05 Leapers Gen V Re-enforced AK/SKS/MAK Sight Tool - AK 47 Accessories - AK 47 Parts

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Leapers Gen V Re-enforced AK/SKS/MAK Sight Tool
The Leapers SCP-WEA05 UTG Ergonomic AK/SKS Sight Tool works great for adjusting your SKS sights. The UTG Re-enforced Ergonomic AK, SKS Sight Tool An essential tool to make the necessary fine windage and elevation adjustments to the front sight of your SKS, AK, MAK, and SLR95 types of rifles and Saiga rifles is a completely new design to achieve the most stabilized and controlled adjustment, ergonomic grip comfort, and higher strength. This Sight Tool Will Work With Most Russian SKS, AK-47 , AKM , AK-74, RPK-47, RPK-74, SVD Dragunov, Tiger, Saiga Rifles, Dinzag Siaga 12.

Romanian WASR 1,2,3, SAR 1,2,3 ,WUM , CUR,  PAR 1,2,3, AES-10A , AES-10B ,PSL, SSG-97 Bulgarian  AK101, SLR95, SSR-99, SA85, AK103 Czech - VZ-58 Chinese Type 84,  MAK90, Polytec, SVD front sight bases. Egyptian  Maadi Polish  Tantal.

Yugo - M70, RPK Most SKS Rifles.

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