FF46000-MB3 Single Point Paracord Sling Black - American Tactical MB3 Shotgun

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SKU: FF46000-MB3
MPN: FF46000-MB3
UPC: 812495020957

Single Point Paracord Sling Black
This single point para cord sling is adjustable and features a durable construction with 550 nylon para cord with king cobra style braid. This is the perfect paracord one-point rifle sling for AR15, M16 and AK47 rifles and tactical shotguns. The sling width is 1.5 inches wide and is adjustable between 33-43 inches, built with both strength and comfort in mind for all day use. Unwound in a survival situation, this sling is designed with approximately 80 feet of usable para cord. Item Features King Cobra Style Braid. 550lb Nylon Paracord. One Sling Attachment clip for sling loops. 1.2 Inch Nylon Webbing Quick Detachment Buckle.

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