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Eat'N Tool Camping Utensil Back Packing Utensil
Columbia River Eat'N Tool Lightweight, High-Tech Outdoor Tool. With An Ergonomic Spoon, And A Short-Tuned Fork. But In Addition, There'S A Handy Bottle Opener On One Side. The Right Side Of The Handle Is Ground To Provide An Emergency Screwdriver Blade, Which Will Also Work As A Pry For Opening Canisters. The Large Central Hole Is Not Only Designed For Finger Gripping, But Also Keeps The Eat'N Tool Weight Down. Three Metric Wrench Reliefs (10 Mm, 8 Mm, 6 Mm) Are Useful For Emergency Repairs, And Result In A Tool Weight Of Just 1.5 Ounces (43 G).  Comes With Easy Snap-On Carry On D-Rings Or Loops On Clothing And Packs, There Is A Carry Carabiner (Non-Weight-Bearing). Perfect For Emergency Situations Or Camping, Hunting Back Packing Trips and Hiking.
Eat'N Tool With Spoon, Fork, Bottle Opener, Screwdriver/Pry Tip, Metric Wrenches & Carabiner.

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