A.4.10.1000 ATI Taurus Small Frame X2 Scorpion Revolver Grip - Combat Hunting Specials

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ATI Taurus Small Frame X2 Scorpion Revolver Grip
The ATI Taurus small frame revolver grips X2 Scorpion Fits Taurus® Model 85, Model 856, Model 605 2016 and earlier, Model 650,Model 651, Model 850, Model 905, Model 94 and Model 941. The Ati Taurus grips with red inlay uses technology to tame recoil and add comfort without significantly altering the original factory grip’s dimensions. The extended Scorpion backstrap cushions the hand against recoil, allowing the operator to maintain a rock-solid hold on their revolver during use for faster, more accurate follow-up shots. ATI Limited Lifetime Warranty and Made in the USA.

Fits Note: (Does Not Fit Poly Frames or Model 85 View. Does Not Fit 2017 forward Model 605.) Due to production variances in the frames of OEM Taurus revolvers there may be a slight difference in fit from one revolver to another.

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