0006 Sheepsfoot Damascus Steel Pocket Knife With Stag Horn Handle - Damascus Steel Knives

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Sheepsfoot Damascus Steel Pocket Knife With Stag Horn Handle
This hawkbill/sheepsfoot damascus steel blade pocket knife with a stag horn handle measures 4" long and features file work on the damascus folding knife spines. The hawkbill/sheepsfoot damascus steel blade of this folding pocket knife was meticulously hand-forged (hand-made) from damascus steel, each curved blade folding pocket knife has its own distinct pattern, 180 to 360 layers, and brass rivets. These Hawkbill sheepsfoot-style blade knives are easy to work with because of their size, shape, and cuved tip. Most hunters, hikers, ranchers, and outdoorsmen carry such knives; they are great for cutting through ropes, slicing, and cutting downward. The sharp, curved blade can be used to puncture things easily.

Note that Damascus-steel knife layer patterns are unique (handmade) on every blade; no two have the same pattern. They are truly works of art.

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