.30 Cal. Bore Brushes 3-pack

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.30-30 Rifle Cleaning Bore Brushes
New .30 30-30 Cal. Bore Brushes 3-pack Rifle Cleaning Bore Brush for .30-30 Winchester 1894, .30-30 Marlin Model 336, Savage Model 99 .30-30, 7.62x51Rmm. Ect. 3.10" long. Accept 8-32 cleaning rod found in Modern day Gun Cleaning Kits. Comes with (1) Bronze Bore Brush, (1) Nylon Bore Brush, (1) Bore Cotton Mop Brush for lubes and solvents.

Bore Brush Set
(1) Bronze Bore Brush
(1) Nylon Bore Brush
(1) Bore Cotton Mop Brush
Cleans With Great Efficiency
Fits All Standard 8-32 US Rifle/Pistol Cleaning Rods

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