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Flitz Gun & Knife Care Kit
The Flitz Gun & Knife Care Kit is exactly what you need to clean, polish and protect your knives, guns, and swords. Recommended by hunters and collectors for hunters and collectors. The Tactical Matte Finish Cleaner is a Degreasing formula. Anti-Smear. Use on stainless steel & nickel firearms & knives. Safe on inteiror & exterior of the bore.

The GUN & KNIFE WAX is a premium, white carnauba and beeswax formula that provides exceptional results on gunbluing, polished or hand-rubbed stocks, stainless and nickel firearms. Removes and Protects Against Rust, Fingerprints, Water Stains, Powder Residue, Tree Sap, Blood, SaltDeposits, Lime Deposits and More!.

Why this product is best: Safe on the Interior and Exterior ofthe Bore, Will not attract dust or Wash Off in Rain, Water-based, Contains no Solvents, UV and Acid Rain Protection, Easy to Apply andBuff Off, Protects up to 6 Months.

The FLITZ POLISH This product will clean your stainless, nickel or HOT BLUED gun. Will remove powder residue, fingerprints, rust, etc without harming the surface.

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