Bandolier 37 Round Shotgun Bandoleer 12ga 20ga Coyote - H&R NEF Accessories

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SKU: Bandolier 37 Round
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Shotgun Bandoleer 12ga 20ga Coyote
H&R NEF Tactical Shotgun Bandolier Or A Bandoleer Is A Pocketed Shoulder Belt With Loops / Pockets For Holding Shotgun Shell Cartridges / Shotgun Ammunition Slung Over The Shoulder and Chest. This is a Great Tactical Shotgun Accessory and Hunting Accessory Color Coyote.
This 37rnd Shotgun Bandoleer Is Heavy Duty and Hold Shotgun Shell Over your shoulder and chest. Made of  Thick Nylon 2" black webbing. It Has a 37-shell capacity. This makes great accessory for Mossberg 500 Shotgun, Mossberg 590 Shotgun. Remington 870 Magnum Shotgun Winchester 1200 Defender, Winchester 1300 Defender, Ithaca Shotgun Model 37, Benelli Nova, Rossi shotguns, ect. 
Tactical Shotgun 37rnd Bandoleer 
Over The Shoulder Design 
Carries 37 12Ga 20 GA Shotgun Shells 
Made Of Heavy-Duty Nylon
Heavy-Duty Elastic Holds Shell Securely

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