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Laser Bore Sighter Lifetime Warranty
UNIVERSAL LASER BORE SIGHTER KIT (Laser Bore Sighter & Arbor Kit) This Laser Bore Sighter .15 To .55 Cal. Box Set Come With A Limited Lifetime Warranty. This is one of the best quality bore sighters on the market today you can do all your Rifle and Pistol from .15 cal thru .55 Cal. all in one kit. How Does It Work, Simply attach the correct adapter to the end of your barrel, then screw the laser sight directly to the end of the adapter. Then You just turn on the laser point it down range aim at a target and adjust the windage and elevation so your scopes cross hairs will meet directly where the red laser dot is pointing. Then remove the bore sighter and adapters and your rifle scope is aligned for shooting at the target. You then have very minor adjustments that will need to be made to compensate for the actual bullet point of impact and range you wish to calibrate, it varies slightly between different ammunition loadis and bullet grain weights. When your done you can mount the laser to any rifle for a tactical laser sight, mount is included in the kit this is a great price they are on sale get them while they last. Comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

5MW laser
.15 To .55 Cal. Bore Sighting
Made of Aluminum
Includes 3 lithium batteries
Max.reach 500 yards
Can Be Used In Rifle or Pistol
Comes With Laser Sight Mount
Finish Silver

Type: Red Laser
Output power: < 5mW
Wavelength: 635 - 655nm
Max Reach Capacity: 500 yards
Arbor studs caliber (Min-Max): 0.15-0.55
Battery Type: AG13 Lithium
Limited Lifetime Warranty

We Sell a remote tactical Laser Switch Item # ALWSNCS for this laser it replaces the rear swith.

This is perfect for remote on and off control of your tactical laser it can be mounted your gun, a highly recommended laser accessory you will love it Item # ALWSNCS

( We suggest Extra Laser Batteries Item # AG13 )

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