Pounding Board Leather Crafting Pound Board / Cutting Mat 12"x24" - Leather Working Tools

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Leather Crafting Pound Board / Cutting Mat 12"x24"
Leather crafting tools supplies. This is a great leather work bench mat pounding board cutting mat. It is approximately 3/4" thick and made for heavy-duty use with leather working tools. Size is approximately. 12" x 24". It is a perfect surface for any work bench for leather crafting, gunsmith's jewelers, hobby crafts even as a base for sewing machines. The pounding board / cutting mat has a flat slip resistant surface on top and bottom. Grips most work bench surfaces and it is flexible and stiff at the same time. Edges are rough cut. Virtually impervious to pounding, abrasions and its waterproof.
Made From Heavy Duty Rubber.

Protects Knifes Edges & Hole Punches
Flat Slip Resistant Surface
Sound Absorbent
Approx 3/4" Thick 
Approx. 12" X 24"
Absorb Impacts
Stiff But Flexible

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