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Universal Rifle Shotgun Green Laser Sight

This Universal Green Laser sight system with (BARREL MOUNT). Mounts to Rifle & Shotgun Barrels (1) tactical rail for mounting Tactical flashlights ect, delivers unmatched target acquisition anytime, day or night Suitable for any Rifle, Shotgun, quick and easy to operate. It is great for police work, swat, suitable for all environments (forest, desert) O-ring sealed for weatherproofing. Comes with Pressure pad switch & Switch button allen wrench and 3 volt lithium battery Up to 1-mile night time range with optimum conditions. GREEN laser beam is superior to red lasers it is even visible in broad daylight, 20 times brighter than red laser gun sights. Easily adjusted, Standard X-Y Windage and elevation adjustments. Comes with coiled remote tactical Laser Switch

. Fits Bushmaster XM15-E2S, Colt AR-15, M16, M4, AK47,MAC, Hi-point 9mm, Hi-point 40, Berettta Storm, MP3, MP5, SKS Rifles, Remington 7600 Seires Rifles, Remington 870, Mossberg 500,590,835, Winchester 1200/1300, H&R Rifles & Shotguns, NEF Single Shot Rifles & Shotguns, Ruger Mini 14, Ruger, Mini 30, Ruger 1022, M1A, FN, FAL ect.

Universal Green Laser Sight System Specifications
Universal Barrel Mount Bolts To Most Rifle & Shotgun Barrels
Momentary & Constant on/off cap switch
Remote Coil Pressure Switch included
Length 3.95" X 1.0"
Power Output <5Mw Continous (Class IIIA)
Module (Standard) 532 Nm Green Laser Diode
Range (Super Bright) Up To 1-Mile At Night With Optimum Conditions
Range (Up To 200 Yards Day Time)
Batteries (1) Cr123A 3Volt Lithium Battery
Battery Life Over 3.00 Hours Continuous
Beam Size Approx. 1.75" @ 100 Yards
Adjustment 5 Feet Adjustment Windage And Elevation @ 100 Yards
Color: Black
Material: T6 Aluminum
Water-Resistant O-Ring Sealed For Weatherproofing.
Comes With Battery
Comes With A One Year Limited Warranty

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