Kukri-19B Kukri Gurkha Knife Machete With Sheath 19" - Military Knives

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Kukri Gurkha Knife Machete With Sheath 19"
The Kukri or Gurkha knife is a Nepalese style machete originally used to clear wooded areas. It was later used as an effective Gurkha weapon due to its curved design. The Kukri Machete Gurkha Knife curve enables the user to create more force when chopping and a slashing. This Kukri is Approx 19" in length and includes a nylon belt sheath. Made From Full Tang 440 stainless Steel. Color Is Black. The kukri is most commonly used as a multipurpose tool in Nepal. Its use has varied from building, clearing brush, chopping wood kindling, to cutting meat and vegetables, skinning animals, and opening tins. Makes A great Multipurpose Tool. Great For Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Any Outdoor Activities, Or Part Of Emergency Preparedness Kit Or Survival Kit.

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