ATI Mosin Nagant Scope Mount with Bolt Handle MOI0600

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ATI Mosin Nagant Scope Mount with Bolt Handle
ATI Mosin Nagant 7.62 x 54R Scope Mount Kit With Mosin Nagant Bent Bolt Handle Conversion. Mosin Nagant Scope Mount Is Weaver style made from Military Type III Hard Anodized 6061 T6 Aluminum. This Scope Mount allows a scope to be mounted over the receiver. Mosin Nagant Scope mount kit and Bent Bolt Handle conversion comes with Assembly hardware and detailed instructions included. Fits round or octagonal Mosin receivers (rifles or carbines). Turn Your Mosin Nagant Rifle that was not fitted with a Russian 91/30 PU Sniper Scope Into A Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle. This is a great Mosin Nagant Scope Mount kit you will love it. This Mosin Nagant scope mount can easily be installed by most people with a little skill if you are not confident you may require gunsmith. Limited Lifetime Warranty.

We recommend this scope Item numbers SCP-U394AOIEW for use with this mount it makes a nice combination please check are scope category we have may rifle scopes to choose from.

This Mosin Nagant Scope Mount System with Mosin Nagant Bent Bolt handle, fits round or octagonal receivers (Mosin Nagant Rifles or Carbines) Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Fits Mosin Nagant Rifles And Most Variants.

Mosin Nagant Soviet 91/30
Mosin Nagant Soviet M38
Mosin Nagant Soviet M91/59
Mosin Nagant Finnish M27/M39/M91
Mosin NagantFinnish M28/30
Mosin Nagant Chinese Models
Mosin Nagant Carbine Models.
Mosin Nagant Polish M44
Mosin Nagant Romania M44 / M91/30
Mosin Nagant Model 1891 "Dragoon
Mosin Nagant Model 1891
Mosin Nagant Model 1907 Carbine
Mosin Nagant Model 1891/30
Mosin Nagant M38 Carbine
Mosin Nagant M44 Carbine
Mosin Nagant M59 Carbine
Hungary M/52
Poland wz. 91/98/23/M44
Poland wz. 91/98/25
Poland wz. 91/98/26

U.S. Model Of 1916
China 53

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