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Mosin Nagant Scout Scope & Mount 4X32 Illuminated Scope

Mosin-Nagant 7.62x54mm Scout Rifle Scope & Weaver Style Scope Mount, Scope has Illuminated Cross Hair 4X32 with long eye relief and a new Weaver base mount. Heavy Duty shock and recoil proof, world-class fully coated blue lens, Nitrogen Filled fog - and waterproof. It will fit the following models Just about all models Mosin Nagant Rifle 91/30 Hungarian 44 Polish Mosin Nagant, Russian Mosin Nagant 53 Mosin Nagant, Finish 39 ect.

The Mosin Nagant scope mount replaces the rear sight leaf the Mosin Nagant rifle. You will be able to mount any rifle scope you want like a Red dot or even a laser with a weaver scope mount. This Mosin Nagant scope mount and scope combo is perfect for your Mosin Nagant Rifle that was not fitted with a Russian 91/30 PU Sniper Scope. It can be used with ant style bolt Handle. This scope mount is very easy to install First you punch out rear sight leaf pin and then remove rear sight leaf & spring then Put scope mount between sight ears and tighten the side screws evenly turn for turn each side. Then Loosen one top screw and tighten the other to adjust the mount elevation until it levels with your rifle barrel that's it your done.

Mosin-Nagant 7.62x54mm Rifle Scope Kit Specs:
Mosin Nagant Scope Kit
Cross Hair: Red Illuminated
Objective DIA. (MM):32.00
Lens Coating:Blue
Eye Relief (Inch): 9.37
(1)Weaver Style Scope Mount
Comes with a limited lifetime warranty

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