40315-1PRem Bore Brush Stainless Steel 10/12 Ga - Remington 870 Accessories

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Bore Brush Stainless Steel 10/12 Ga
12/10 Gauge Shotgun Bore Brush easily and effectively distribute solvent for cleaning loosen and remove fouling. Bore Brush Penetrate into grooves assuring complete bore coverage. Standard Thread size 5/16 to work with all standard shotgun rod adaptors

This shotgun stainless steel brush Is chemical resistant a premium stainless steel brushes assure durability and loosen fouling without leaving polymer residue. Brush diameter precisely designed to assure complete bore coverage and precision-engineered loop-core-protects muzzle, chamber and rifling.

Works great with Mossberg 500,590,835, Remington 870 /1100, Model SP-10, Browning's BPS 10 gauge, New England Mad Turkey Shotgun SB2MAD, NEF Pardner Single Shot 10 Gauge, Taylors Model 1887 Lever Action 930000 and more.

Shotguns Size 12/10 GA
Brush Stainless Steel
Standard Thread size 5/16
Made USA.

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