7.62X39 SKS Rifle AK-47 Dual Mag Clamp - SKS Rifle Accessories

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SKS Rifle AK-47 Dual Mag Clamp
SKS Rifle AK-47 Dual Magazine Clamp for 7.62X39mm Magazines. High Strength Spring Steel Construction. This SKS magazine coupler has a black matte finish. Fits Classic 7.62X39mm AK47 Magazines. Holds Double Magazines to Meet Extreme Operation Requirements. Designed to hold two 30 or 40 round AK-47 magazines together allowing for quick change out.

Slim Ergonomic Design with Quick Locking Feature These are specifically designed to connect 2 magazines to each other making quick a magazine changes fast easy and smooth without the need to reach into a mag pouch for the second magazine. You Can also stack almost any number of magazines together using more than one Mag connector. Great For Ak47, Romanian AK Draco Pistol. One year limited warranty.

Detail Information:
Material: High Strength Spring Steel
Holds Double Magazines
Quick Locking Feature
Fits Classic 7.62X39mm AK47 Magazines.

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