AMSKS Sks Rifle Pin On Muzzle Brake 2.2" Long Compensator - SKS Rifle Accessories

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Sks Rifle Pin On Muzzle Brake 2.2" Long Compensator
This is one of the bet Sks assault rifle accessories you can add to your rifle! The short sks muzzle brake compensator pin on part is specifically designed for 7.62 sks rifle it attaches to the end of the barrel via the longer front sight pin provided simply replaces the shorter factory front sight pin. This muzzle brake is 2.2" long and made from steel and has a limited lifetime warranty. This SKS muzzle brake reduces recoil up to 50- 70% and reduces muzzle climb up to 60-90% depending on load size used. This muzzle brake is made for all SKS rifles. The brake reduces muzzle climb by directing gas upward through 3 long gas ports. The recoil is diminished by the 3 long gas ports as well. This is one of the highest quality SKS brake on the market today at a great price.

Fits all Yugoslavia SKS M59, Yugoslavia 66A1 , Russian SKS m45 , Chinese SKS 56, Romanian SKS , Albanian SKS etc. Weight: 2.90 Oz Length: 2.2" Long Color: Black.

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