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H3 Carbine Buffer Heavy Buffer
This H3 Heavy Buffer for your carbine, AR15, M4 is weighted with 3 tungsten weights, 5.4 oz. The H3 heavy buffers can reduce felt recoil as well as reduce the cyclic rate for more reliable function of most AR15/M4 rifles with shorter gas systems. The UTG H3 recoil buffer is hard coat anodized with a reinforced 6061-T6 aluminum body and completed with a tightly fitted end bumper. The H3 buffer's heavier weight reduces bolt bounce, and also softens felt recoil, and allows for a longer dwell time, slowing down the cycling of the rifle long enough for the next round to enter the chamber and ease extraction. 5.4 oz. It can be used with standard AR-15 or M16 carbine buffer springs. UTG provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

While designed for .223 Rem/5.56 NATO, H3 5.4 oz buffer are typically ideal for AR platform coming in many heavier calibers such 7.62X39, .300 AAC, .224 Valkyrie, .458 SOCOM and the .50 Beowulf, 450 bush master. The H3, typically fit bill on these builds. Great for heavier calibers and SBRs that tend to eject hard and need to be slowed down.

Specs: UTG H3 Buffer.
Material: Tungsten Inner Core.
Body Reinforced 6061-T6 Aluminum.
Golden Hard Coat Anodized.
Length: 3.26".
Weight: 5.4 oz.

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