CB9621 Damascus Skinning Knife 7 Inches Long - Damascus Knives

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Damascus Skinning Knife 7 Inches Long
This high-quality damascus skinning knife was hand forged with a modern Damascus steel blade, which entails hand forging multiple layers of steel together to create an incredibly strong and aesthetically pleasing blade. This custom damascus skinning knife has a real wood, stage horn, and brass inlay handle that is comfortable in your hand and is a fully functional, fixed blade, full-tang hunting knife with a leather sheath that is ideal for any hunter. Each one of these damascus skinning knives is carefully hand-forged (hand-made) with its own unique patterns, making it a work of art. This skinning knife has a thick blade made to last, with 180 to 360 layers. Eask knife Damascus Steel Knives' Layer Patterns are Unique on every blade no two have the same pattern as well as the real staghorn handle. You will love this Damascus skinning knife. It makes a great gift. The overall length is 7 inches, and the blade is approximately 3 inches long.

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