308CBrush-Fal 308 Winchester Chamber Brush 7.62 NATO - FN Fal Accessories

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308 Winchester Chamber Brush 7.62 NATO
This 308 Chamber Brush 7.62 NATO Chamber Cleaning brush features a ratchet action that allows a cleaning rod to be attached sideways into the brush to be uses in semi-automatic chambers and bolt actions.

The Chamber Brush has the finest phosphor bronze bristles on a looped and wound shank, to correctly fits any 7.62 NATO (.308 cal.) Chamber. Fits Fal G1, AR-10, M14 , M1 Garand, AK-47, SKS rifles, Remington 7600P .308, FAL.,G1 FAL Semi Auto Rifle, Springfield M1A Remington 700 DPMS LR308 Ect.

Bronze Bristles
Rachet Style Chamber brush
For Use M1A, Fal Style Rifles
For Use In 308 cal Rifles.


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