AFNLA FN FAL Cetme Magazine Speed Loader 7.62x51 NATO - FN Fal Accessories

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FN FAL Cetme Magazine Speed Loader 7.62x51 NATO
Magazine Speed Loader For .308, 7.62x51mm ammo. Quick Magazine Speed Loader will work with FAL, M1A, M14, AR10, HK91, CETME Mil-Spec Rifle Mags. Works with many different after market .308, 7.62 x 51 Box Magazines note some modification to loader may be required on none Mil-Spec mags. Operation is fast and easy Insert a Stripper Clip of .308 ammo into the Mag Loader body and press the T-Handle down to quickly & easily load the ammo into the Magazine. After you load the Magazine the Magnets at the tip of the T-Handle will extract the empty metal stripper clip for easy removal. Repeat these steps with more Stripper Clips of Ammo and in just a matter of a few seconds you can load 20-30-40 rounds of ammo. Made From Enforced Nylon Construction.

Compatible With Our .308 7.62x51mm Stripper Clips Sold Separately Item # 7.62 SC-20.