HETS-12GA Hatsan Escort Adjustable Telescopic Stock With Pistol Grip - Hatsan Escort

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Hatsan Escort Adjustable Telescopic Stock With Pistol Grip
This aftermarket Hatsan Escort adjustable telescopic stock with pistol grip is made to fit most Turkish shotguns listed below. This replacement tactical shotgun defender stock and pistol grip adapter for the 12 gauge Hatsan Escort and other Turkish shotgun models listed below comes with a ergonomic grip and QD sling attachments. It also is a four-position adjustable telescopic stock for your comfort. The stock has rubber buttpads for recoil reduction, QD Sling mounts and slots, an ergonomic grip with non-slip texturing, and a storage compartment in the grip for small parts and accessories. This tactical shotgun stock is made from high quality impact-resistant reinforced polymer. The side folding tactical shotgun stock color is black.

Note: on some Turkish shotgun models, there will be a gap between trigger guard and grip such as the Hatsan Escort because the canted design gap size varies by the models and Turkish shotgun manufacture. This stock kit is compatible with MOST of these brands of Turkish 12 gauge shotguns: Asil Silah, Altobelli Arms, Armsan, ATA Arms, Atlas, Aziz Arms, Balikli Silah, Derya Arms, Erefolu Silah, Hatsan Escort, Huglu Atrox, Khan Arms A-Tac Force Duo-Sys, Kral Arms, Oncu Silah Sanayi, Pardus Arms, afak Av, Set Arms, Torun Arms, Typhoon Silah, Uzkon TRX, Waltter Silah.

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