RTS-12 Remington 870 Pistol Grip Stock & Side Saddle Shell Holder - Remington 870 Accessories

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Remington 870 Pistol Grip Stock & Side Saddle Shell Holder
This aftermarket tactical conversion kit for your Remington 870 express and 887 nitro mag tactical shotgun is a pistol grip stock with a M4 six position adjustable buttstock and 12 gauge three shot side saddle shell holder designed for police and home defense use. This upgrade for your Remington 870 tactical shotgun features a M4 telescoping stock with two tactical sling attachment points and stock design to fit most users. The stocks collapsed length: 10.75 inches and  fully extended length: 13.75". Stock is Mil-Spec diameter and made from super strong glass reinforced polymer for tactical use.

Note: This stock work with most Remington 870,887 12 gauge shotgun models.

Note: similar clones like Norinco Hawk 98, 982 & 981
some modification may be required to fit applications.

We Suggest You Get a Recoil Pad  or Item RB-M4BTP11B Rubber Buttpad to go with your stock.

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You Save: $20.00
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