SKS2100ATI SKS Rifle Monte Carlo Stock For Detachable Mag - SKS Rifle Accessories

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SKS Rifle Monte Carlo Stock For Detachable Mag

SKS Rifle Monte Carlo Stock For 5-SHOT DETACHABLE MAGS SK RIFLE STOCK FITS ALL SKS RIFLES Classic smooth style will always be appealing and increase resale value. Virtually indestructible, this stock is ideal for hunting and sport shooting. 1 inch extended length. Raised cheekrest. Matte Black, Glass-Filled Nylon. Easy "Drop-In" Installation and no gunsmithing required. Scratchproof and weatherproof. Features sling swivel stud, handguard, checkered pistol grip and forearm. Comes with a FREE optional buttplate. Scratchproof and weatherproof. Also available as a non 5-shot detachable mag SKS stock. Made in USA. Fit all SKS Rifles, Yugoslavia SKS M59, Yugoslavia 66A1 , Russian SKS m45 , Chinese SKS 56, Romanian SKS , Albanian SKS. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Manufactured in the USA

Ideal for Sport Shooting, Hunting and More
Scorpion Recoil Recoil Pad
Recoil Impact is Absorbed Shooting any Load Size 
Reduces the Challenge to Reacquire the Target by Minimizing the Muzzle Lift
Not Affected by Chemicals
Remains Flexible in Extreme Temperatures
Eliminates the Felt Punch of the Recoil
Removes Limitations from Spring and Piston Type Recoil Suppression Systems
Sling Swivel Stud
Raised Cheekpiece
3M Soft Touch Cheekrest Pad for Improved Comfort When Shooting
Scratch Resistant, Virtually Indestructible
Checkered Grip & Forend
No Gunsmithing
DuPont Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer
Manufactured in the USA
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Fits All SKS Rifles.

Blade Bayonet must be removed for installation of ATI Stock.

SEC 922R: Stocks, handguards and pistol grips are Manufactured in the USA and count towards compliance parts. Contact your local gun shops or shooting ranges for this and other compliance issues.

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