ASBG01 SAIGA 12G Bullet Button For 7.62-39 Magazines - Saiga Accessories

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SAIGA 12G Bullet Button For 7.62-39 Magazines
Saiga 12 Bullet Button for un converted Saiga 12 Shotguns. The Saiga-12 Bullet Button converts your shotgun to a fixed locked magazine that allows the magazine to be removed through the use of a tool, or 7.62x39 bullet tip, screw driver, or other pointed object. This Kit is for a Saiga-12 shotgun to be legal in California before they are imported. This Installation requires drilling out the front trigger guard rivet closest to the magazine well catch, minor modification to weapon, gunsmitthing required, mounting hardware included, made of steel construction black oxide finish. Designed for unconverted Saiga-12 shotguns.

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