Military AKM AK47 Cleaning Rod 1-Piece Cleaning Rod - AK 47 Accessories - AK 47 Parts

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SKU: Military AKM
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AK47 Cleaning Rod 1-Piece Cleaning Rod
Most surplus AK-47 rifles do not come with cleaning rods, we have new never issued AK-47 cleaning rod at the popper length 15.68 inches long. cleaning rod is steel construction with 8/32 threaded end. Rod Accept AK47, AK-74, AKM rifle cleaning accessories and bore brush found In ak 47 cleaning kit. Stores Under AK rifle barrel. Factory replacement AK cleaning rod for missing or lost rod. Compatible with most AK pattern rifles with 16" barrel. Fits AK-47/ AKM 7.62/.30 cal bores.

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