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AK-47 Recoil Buffer Black
This black AK-47 recoil buffer pad fits Saiga, Galil, Valmet 7.62x39 Rifles. The AK recoil buffer absorbs felt recoil the pad also reduces bolt slap shock to the AK receiver and helps to eliminate damage to critical AK-47 rifle parts and components. The ak recoil buffer installs quickly and easily! It slides over the AK recoil spring assembly. It reduces felt recoil and overall wear and tear and increases the life of the weapon. The buffer is made from a high-density polyurethane polymer. Your AK rifle does not need to be permanently modified. This AK recoil buffer is compatible with milled and stamped receivers. It fits most AK-47 and AK74 Kalashnikov-style weapons and variations of AKs with AK recoil spring assemblies, such as the Saiga, Galil, Valmet, Draco Pistols, etc. Consumable part.

Fits AK47, AK74, All Saiga Shotguns, Saiga Rifles, Valmet, Mac-90, Romak-3, PSL, Galil, Vepr and others.

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