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AK 47 Magazine Speed Loader 7.62X39mm Magazine Loader
This ak-47 magazine speed loader for sale is designed for AK and SKS 7.62X39mm detachable magazines. The 7.62 x 39 mag loader can load magazines with 10 round stripper clips or load up to 10 individual 7.62X39 cartridges at a time onto the ammo tray, which is accessible through a sliding tray door, and simply push them into your AK magazine. with most AK-type magazines (both polymer and metal mags), they securely attach to the AK Speed Loader via a spring-loaded metal magazine catch and release lever. The T-Handle cartridge pusher easily and effortlessly pushes up to 10 rounds into the magazine at a time. The cartridge pusher is tethered to the AK Speed Loader with a blue nylon cord, so it’s always there when you need it. The cartridge pusher has a magnet imbedded into the T-Handle to extract empty steel AK stripper clips from the AK Speed Loader. The end of the cartridge pusher can also be used to strip cartridges from a loaded magazine’s feed lips. The AK 47 Magazine Loaders are constructed of nylon re-enforced polymer, aluminum, and steel components. Dimensions: 9.0"L X 5.0"W X 1.75"D. Weight: 17.5 oz.

Note: The AK Speed Loader works with 7.62X39mm cartridges and with (Most) AK type magazines (both polymer and metal mags.)

We suggest you get some stripper clips to go with this if you need them item # SKS1000 PK20.

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