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AR-15 Pistol Grip Screw and Lock Washer
This AR-15 Pistol Grip Screw and Lock Washer fit standard LR-308 and AR15 rifle variants. The allen hex head AR-15 pistol grip screw and lock washer are standard length and size for perfect fit and up grade to your AR rifle or pistol. The AR-15 pistol grip screw with a hex head is super strong hardened heat-treated steel and manufactured in the USA. AR-15 lock washer is included and made from hardened steel with black oxide matte finish. AR pistol grip screw has none glare black oxide finish perfect for AR-15 builder or upgrading existing screw OEM flat head or Phillips screw. The Military type black oxide finish provides corrosion resistance from rust and reduced glare to none.

AR-15, AR10, LR308, M4 Pistol Grip Screw.
Military Type Black Oxide Finish.
Hardened Heat-Treated Steel.
Tensile Strength: Up to 180,000 PSI.
Harder Than Grade 8
Style Allen (Hex Socket)
Comes With Star Lock Washer.
Made From Hardened Steel.
Military Type Black Oxide Matte Finish.

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