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AR-10/LR-308 Muzzle Brake with Crush washer
This AR-10/LR-308 muzzle brake compensator with crush washer for sale fits 308 rifles, AR-10, LR308, 7.62x39, 300 AAC, 6.5 SPC and most other 30 caliber AR style rifles with 5/8 x 24 thread pitch on the barrel. The steel shark muzzle brake compensator is precision CNC machined from high-quality steel with a military Type III black oxide finish. The AR-10/LR-308 recoil compensator shark muzzle brake sides and top are ported to reduce back pressure felt from recoil, and it redirects a portion of propellant gases to counter recoil and unwanted muzzle rise to help keep you on target on follow-up shots. This muzzle brake has a six-prong aggressive design for an improved breaching CQB-glass breaking impact device.

Style Shark Muzzle Brake
Caliber: 308, 7.62x39
CNC Machined Out Of High Quality Steel
Military Type Black Oxide Finish
Side and Top Ported
5/8"X24 Thread Pitch
Steel Crush Washer Included

For .308 rifles, AR-10, LR308, 7.62x39 Uppers, 300 AAC, 6.5 SPC, and most other 30 caliber AR Style Rifles and Bolt action rifles with 5/8"X24 thread pitch barrels.

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