PVC-SHL16 AR-15 Brass Catchers - AR-15 Parts & Accessories

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AR-15 Brass Catchers
This is one of the best AR-15 Brass Catchers it mount on your AR 15 without interfering with its operation. The AR 15 brass catcher is a device that will collect ejected cases without you having to pick them up, and it will keep those cartridges clean and undamaged from hitting the ground. The brass catcher bag has a zippered bottom for easy emptying. Ideal for re-loaders so the cases never hit the ground and stay clean and un damaged. This brass catcher holds approximately 30 rounds. If you reload your brass or just don't want to clean up flying brass from the range you need to get this product. Deluxe Mesh Trap Shell Catcher/Brass Catcher Fits AR15, M16, M4 and all Compatible Rifles. Fit any Colt, AR 15, M4, M16 Also ArmaLite, Rock River Arms, Olympic Arms, Bushmaster, DPMS, FN Manufacturing, Knights Armament, Smith and Wesson M&P 15 and more.

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