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H2 Carbine Buffer 4.6 oz Heavy
The H2 (Heavy) Buffer for your carbine, AR15, M4 is a Standard USGI Part for the M4A1 Carbine. The H2 is weighted with 2 tungsten and 1 steel weight 4.6 oz. This H2 carbine buffer fits Colt AR-15 Carbine 223 and clone rifles. The mil-spec H2 buffer body is made from machined reinforced aluminum with a hard coat anodized. The UTG H2 recoil buffer features two tungsten weights and one steel weight for an excellent fit and dependable function on your AR series rifles. This M4 Carbine Heavy Duty H2 Recoil Buffer comes with two heavy tungsten weights and one steel weight for smoother rifle cycling, which helps to reduce bolt bounce for improved reliability. This H2 replacement recoil buffer helps you stay on target and can improve controllability and felt recoil. This UTG® H2 Hard Coat Heavy Recoil Buffer for AR Carbine is ideal for starting a new build or replacing worn or broken parts.

Specs: UTG H2 Buffer.
Material: Tungsten/Steel Inner Core.
Body Reinforced 6061-T6 Aluminum.
Golden Hard Coat Anodized.
Length: 3.26".
Weight: 4.4 oz.

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