.223AARC .223 Cal 5.56mm Stripper Clips 10 Pack - AR-15 Parts & Accessories

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.223 Cal 5.56mm Stripper Clips 10 Pack
New 10 pack Of New Stripper Clips For .223 Cal 5.56mm Magazines Clips and Rifles. These .223 Cal 5.56mm Stripper Clips are Made from Steel, Each clip holds up to 10 rounds of .223 (5.56×45mm NATO) caliber ammo. Stripper are great way to quickly charge your .223 Cal 5.56mm ammunition directly into clips / Magazines, they work great with speed loaders. Stripper clips are a must have Item For anyone with  M16, AR15, M4, Ruger Mini-14 FN2000,Galil, Ect.

Pack of 10 .223/ 5.56×45mm NATO Stipper Clips
Each Stipper Clip Hold 10 Rounds
Can Be Used With All .223 Cal 5.56mm Magazines
Allow You To Quickly Load Your Magazine

We Suggest A Magazine Speed loader To Go With This Item # AARLAV2

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