A.5.10.1000 ATI AR-15 Civilian (Commercial) Buffer Tube - AR-15 Parts & Accessories

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ATI AR-15 Civilian (Commercial) Buffer Tube
AR-15 Carbine Receiver Extension Buffer Tube for 6-Position Stocks. Civilian(Commercial Diameter) Buffer Tube. This 6 Position Heat Treated Hard Coat Anodized Military Grade T6 Aluminum Buffer Tube replacement will fit any civilian commercial 6-Position stock. Perfect for replacing wornout broken parts or just upgrading your AR-15 M16 M4. ATI Made In U.S.A.

AR-15 Civilian (Commercial) Buffer Tube
6 Position Heat Treated
Style Receiver Extension Buffer Tube
Military Grade T6 Aluminum
(Commercial Diameter)
Will Fit Any Commercial 6-Position Stock
Made In U.S.A.

Will Works with MagPul Commercial Adjustable Stock & VLTOR Improved Carbine Modstock.

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