AR-15 M-16 M4 Universal Bipod Heavy Duty -

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AR-15 M-16 M4 Universal Bipod Heavy Duty
The Universal Tactical Bipod fits nearly all rifle and shotgun barrels, including the AR-15, M-16, M4, SKS rifle, Ruger rifles and shotguns, Mossberg, Marlin, Mosin Nagant, Mauser, M1A, and others. I have not found a rifle barrel over 12 mm or shotgun that will not fit. It even fits Tippmann Spyder paintball guns and all airsoft guns. Attach the metal bipod clap-on mount to the barrel, and you're done. This bipod fits Wider barrels may necessitate longer screws; the kit includes two sets to accommodate most. It's a heavy-duty military bipod. This bipod is made from lightweight but strong aircraft-grade aluminum and steel components. It is adjustable in height and will fit on the barrel of most rifles or shotguns. Lifetime Warranty.

Fully adjustable.
Extends from 8" to 13"in 3/4" increment.
Spring Tension for Quick Deployment.
Folds up under barrel.
Adjustable Legs.
Lifetime Warranty.

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