ABABNL AR-15 M16 Bayonet Lug Bipod - Bipods For Rifles

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AR-15 M16 Bayonet Lug Bipod
This high quality AR-15 / M-16 Bayonet Lug Bipod attaches at the bayonet lug of your rifle. The bayonet lug mounting point adapter allows the bipod to be quickly detached from your AR-15 rifle. This is a great accessory for your AR-15, M4, M16A1 and A2. The Bayonet Lug Bipod has height adjustable legs 8.25" collapsed height: 11.0 fully extended. The Mil-Spec Bayonet lug bipod mount has a ball swivel joint for making small aiming adjustments without picking up the bipod off the ground. The quick release push button on each bipod leg can lock into any one of the notches for extending or collapsing the legs at the desired height. Bipod legs can be folded together and moved into a horizontal rest position. Bipod has non-slip rubber feet for stability and it is light weight aluminum constructed just 9.9 oz. Limited One Year Warranty.

Bipod Mounts Onto Most AR-15/M4/M16 (A1 & A2) Mil-Spec Bayonet Lugs.

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