DM-1042 Stag Horn Damascus Steel Crown Bowie Knife - Damascus Steel Knives

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SKU: DM-1042
MPN: DM1042
UPC: 801608210422

Stag Horn Damascus Steel Crown Bowie Knife
This Damascus steel fixed-blade bowie knife has a stag-crown antler handle and is an excellent hunting and survival knife. This damascus bowie hunting knife is 13 1/2" overall, with a real stag horn antlere crown handle and a real leather sheath. The Damascus blade is hand-forged (hand-made) and razor sharp. Each Damascus blade has its own unique pattern: 180 to 360 layers with brass bolsters. includes a handmade leather sheath. Damascus steel knives' layer patterns are unique (and handmade) on every blade. No two people have the same pattern. Stag Horn Handle Colors Are Unique and Vary.

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