62DM Damascus Fixed Blade Commando Knife With Leather Sheath - Damascus Steel Knives

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Damascus Fixed Blade Commando Knife With Leather Sheath
These genuine handforged (Damascus Steel) British Commando-style knives are an excellent modern version of the original WWII Fairbairn Sykes fighting knife, also known as the British Army Commando knife, which is still manufactured and issued to Royal Marines today. This handmade Damascus steel fixed-blade British Commando style knife features a spear-point blade and solid Damascus steel handle for rugged durability. This tactical knife's handguard and pommel are all made from 100% real Damascus steel. The knife handle is ribbed for a sure grip and solid hold. It comes with a real leather sheath with a belt loop for quick access and storage. The knife is approximately 12.5 inches in overall length with a 5.25-inch handle. 7.25-inch fixed blade length. This knife is carefully hand-forged; each Damascus blade has its own unique patterns from 180 to 360+ layers, no two are the same, and you will love it.

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