Damascus Steel Ulu Knife With Stage Horn Handle

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Damascus Steel Ulu Knife With Stage Horn Handle
This Damascus steel ulu knife is a custom hand forged Ulu knife that features a real stag horn handle. Professional Chef's and Alaskan hunters use this Damascus steel ulu knife for cutting meat, skinning game, chopping vegetables and pizza in the kitchen. Native Alaskan hunters use Ulu Knives it in the field because the traditional ulu knife is an extremely versatile cutting tool for skinning cleaning fish and game. The Ulu knife is the perfect gift for any Alaskan, survivalist or hunter. Each Damascus Ulu knife has its own unique pattern in the steel layers. Comes with a real leather belt sheath. Knife blade is approximately 5.5 inches with 4.5 inch handle.

Note: Damascus Steel Knives Layer Patterns Are Unique (hand-made) On Every Blade No Two Are The Same Pattern. Stag Horn Handle Colors Are Unique and Vary.

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