308SC-20 .308 Stripper Clips - 20 Pack - FN Fal Accessories

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SKU: 308SC-20
UPC: 814108013004

.308 Stripper Clips - 20 Pack
FAL Stripper Clip .308 Pack of 20 New Production. .308 / 7.62×51mm NATO Stripper Clip, 20 in a pack they will work on most standard .308 rifles and .308 magazines. Allows For Quick Loading Of .308 Magazines New Production Stripper Clip. These .308 Stripper Clips can be used to quickly load magazines for rifles CETME (308), FN/FAL (Metric), HK 91, HK G3, M14 Rifle, M1A Rifle. May not fit some socom models.

Mag Speedloaders are available for purchase if you need one.

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