TL-A041-LPP GI M-16 AR-15 M4 .223 Colt Rifle Cleaning Kit New - Gunsmithing Tools & Supplies

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GI M-16 AR-15 M4 .223 Colt Rifle Cleaning Kit New
Complete GI M-16, AR-15, M4, Ruger Mini 14 5.56mm .223 Gun Cleaning Kit comes with 5 piece rods (includes loop), adaptor, bronze bore brush, chamber brush, dual-ended nylon brush, oil bottle, and cleaning cloth Accessories are neatly stored into a 2-compartment lightweight nylon storage bag with Velcro closure. Alternatively, they can be easily stored in the A-2 buttstock as well 8.6 oz Cleaning Kit replaces conventional hefty weight cleaning gear. Great for field operations or at-home cleaning Pouch includes belt loop and Alice clip for attachment to belt or web gear.

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