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H&R NEF Take Down Screw Fine Thread For Older Models
This Fine Thread H&R NEF take down screw replacement is for your OLDER model H&R/NEF single shot shotgun or rifle forends. This take-down forend screw aftermarket upgrade for your older H&R or NEF shotguns and rifles is made of high-quality stainless steel and includes a custom-fitted washer that is oil-resistant to ensure a good, secure fit every time you install it. This Perfect Adaptor replacement H&R/NEF fine thread forend screw is simple to install and remove, requiring only about 5 revolutions of the screw with your fingers. No tools are required. The D-ring lies flat against the protective washer, making it easy to index. Turn your rifle or shotgun into the perfect backpacking, camping, or hunting solution. Take up less space in your safe or transport it in a smaller gun case. Gun-Guides® is the maker of this Perfect Adaptor Screw.

Note: This Take Down Screw fits OLDER Models that MAY have have a (fine-threaded forend screw). Check your model screw before ordering. Most models manufactured after 1987-ish have coarse threads (Prior to 1987, some models used fine threads). For use with OEM forend; it may fit others, but we cannot guarantee it.

Note: If You Need a coarse thread screw we have them Item CTSC

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