123A-BAT2 CR123A 3Volt Lithium Battery (2) Pack CR123A - Laser Sights

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SKU: 123A-BAT2

CR123A 3Volt Lithium Battery (2) Pack CR123A

You get (2) CR123A 3Volt Lithium Batteries voltage of 3 v. CR123A Photo lithium batteries are recommended by many major Tactical Flashlight and Camera manufacturers. This CR123A Battery is compatible with Tactical Flashlights, Tactical Laser Sight that use CR123A batteries and cameras that take CR123A batteries. CR123A Lithium Batteries have Approx. Ten year shelf life.

Replaces: 123, 123A, BR2/3A, CR123, CR123A,CR123R, CR17335, CR17345, DL123A, EL123AP, K123LA, L123A, SF123A, VL123A, 5018LC Duracell DL123A

Voltage 3V
Capacity 1,600 mAh
Terminal Button Top
Protected Yes
Operating Temp −40°C to 70°C
Approximate Shelf Life 10 Years

Note Brand May Vary With Availability.
This Is Not a rechargeable battery (Single Use).

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