Tandy Leather Leather Beeswax Block 1.1 oz

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Leather Beeswax Block 1.1 oz

Leather crafting tools pure beeswax block for leather crafting run your sewing thread across beeswax block it apply a thin coating of beeswax to the thread. This will help reduce tangles in the thread and make it slide through the beads fabric and leather easier. This Beeswax block is approx. 1.1oz . When using a chisel, rub the thongs on the beeswax to make the tool cut easier and pull out easier. After using an edge beveler, rub a coat of beeswax on the edge and rub it into the leather using a edge slicker. It will give you a very professional looking and feeling glossy edge to your leather.

Beeswax also works great as archery wax for bow strings. Beeswax can waterproof boots, saddles, bags or other leather products by rubbing warm beeswax into the leather with a dry, clean cloth, working it in well along seams. Let dry, then buff to shine.

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