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K98 Mauser No Drill Scope Mount
This K98 Mauser no drill Mauser scout scope mount fits on front iron sight leaf forward of the Mauser 98 bolt so you do not have to change the bolt handle. The long eye relief scout scope mount fits German K98 Mauser, VZ 24 rifle, Yugo 48/48A Turned Bolt, Yugo 24/47 Straight Bolt, Turkish 1903/1937/1938/1946 & Swiss Models. This Mauser Sniper Scout mount is a great to turn your old Mauser rifle into a long range sniper hunting rifle great for hunting. Limited Lifetime Warranty.

This 98K Mauser Scout Military Sniper Scope Mount is very easy to install First you punch out rear sight leaf pin and then remove rear sight leaf & spring then Put scope mount between sight ears and tighten the side screws evenly turn for turn each side. Then Loosen one top screw and tighten the other to adjust the mount elevation until it levels with your rifle barrel that's it your done.

Mount Has Locking Bolt Configuration and level adjustments.

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