M9 Bayonet Knife with Scabbard

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M9 Bayonet Knife With Scabbard Stainless
This G.I. Style M-9 Bayonet This Is A Great Bayonet knife For Combat, Hunting and Survival. This is a excellent M-9 Bayonet 7.75 inch Heavy Duty Stainless Steel blade with blood groove and saw back, 12.75 inch overall length. This M-9 Bayonet Comes With A Sharpening Stone Built Into Back Of Sheath Under Sheath Snap. Comes with Heavy Duty Green Military Sheath which has quick release belt clip, front pouch, sharpening stone, wire cutter t-lug. Compatible for mounting on most M16A1, M16A2, M4 Carbine and pre-ban AR15 style rifles. This is a quality high bayonet for the money.

7.75 Stainless Steel Blade
HD Stainless Steel Blade
Heavy Duty Green Military Sheath
12.75 Overall
Wire Cutter T-Lug
Front Pocket For Extra Gear
Sharpening Stone Built In To Sheath
Saw Back

We Recommend You Get G.I. Sharpening Stone Item # (3242 G.I.) Or Sharpening Stone Item # 3232.

Note Fits Most M16, M4 AR-15 Rifle With Bayonet Lug.

Note Fits Most Mossberg 590 Tactical Shotguns With Bayonet Lug Not All.

We have Mossberg 500 shotgun Bayonet Mount Lug Kits Available MSHBAYMOS

We Have Remington 870 Shotgun Bayonet Lug Mount Kits Available MSHBAYREM


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