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Mosin Nagant Stock Muzzle Brake Bipod Up Grade Kit In Black
This Deluxe sniper Mosin Nagant M44 stock up grade package conversion kit with M44 muzzle brake and bipod, will transform your Mosin Nagant rifle into an appealing hunting rifle. You get one of the best aftermarket stocks for the Mosin Nagant Rifle ever made this ATI 7.62x54R monte carlo stock in black, and it fit the most 7.62x54R Mosin Nagant rifles and carbines. This Mosin Nagant Stock Has a Checkered buttstock and forearm, Monte Carlo style cheek rest, rubber butt pad and 2 sling swivel studs included. Length of pull 13.5". Made in USA of black, glass-filled nylon. ATI Mfg Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Mosin Nagant M44 rifle muzzle brake bolts around your sight easy installation it has Limited Lifetime Warranty. The M44 rifle muzzle brake reduces recoil up to 50- 70% and reduces muzzle climb up to 60-90%. made for Mosin Nagant Rifles. The brake clamps on to barrel and locks in place using the semi hidden retaining srews looks great . The brake reduces muzzle climb by directing gas upward through 2 gas ports. The recoil is diminished by four 45° gas ports which direct gas at a 45° angle away from the weapon and a contoured flat at the end of the brake directs gas sideways. The two gas streams cancel each other and absorb the force of recoil. This is one of the highest quality Mosin Nagant rifle brake on the market today at a great price.

This Mosin Nagant Rifle Heavy Duty Steel Bipod Folds Under Barrel and has adjustable Legs With Spring Tension for Quick Deployment it will mount on any Mosin Nagant rifle Barrel Comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Mosin Nagant Stock Up Grade Kit Comes With
(1) Mosin Nagant Rifle 7.62x54R Monte Carlo Stock Black
(1) Mosin Nagant Rifle Heavy Duty Steel Bipod Barrel Mount 
(1) Mosin Nagant M44 Muzzle Brake

Note Stock Fits: MOST 91/30 Rifles & M-38, M-44 Carbines and Mosin Nagant Variants 7.62x54R Some Minor Modification may be Required.

Note Muzzle Brake Is For M44 Mosin Nagant Will Not Fit M91/30.

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