10GA-PBM 10/12 Gauge Shotgun Bore Brush 3 Pack - Mossberg Accessories

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10/12 Gauge Shotgun Bore Brush 3 Pack
10 Gauge Shotgun Bore Brush 3 Pack Designed for use with all 10/12 gauge shotgun. You get three brushes they fit standard cleaning rods 5/16- 27 thread ideal for tough cleaning jobs. This bore cleaning brush gives you multi-directional scrubbing action. Bristles have awesome durabilty bristles are made from high-quality bronze to scour away lead fouling, copper fouling, and powder residue. Bronze bore brushes are ideal for the safe, effective removal of metal fouling and powder residue from your shotgun.

Works great with Remington Model SP-10, Browning's BPS 10 gauge, New England Mad Turkey Shotgun SB2MAD, NEF Pardner Single Shot 10 Gauge, Taylors Model 1887 Lever Action 930000 and more.

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