MOSGSCK Mossberg Deluxe 53-Piece Gun Cleaning Kit In Shotgun Shell Case - Mossberg Accessories

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Mossberg Deluxe 53-Piece Gun Cleaning Kit In Shotgun Shell Case
This Mossberg deluxe 53-piece gun cleaning kit in a shotgun shell case features Mossberg cleaning tools and gun cleaning kit accessories to effectively maintain handguns, shotguns and rifles. The Mossberg's Deluxe 53-piece Gun-Cleaning Kit is a high-quality set of affordable gun cleaning tools that maintains handguns, shotguns and rifles in fine operating form no matter where the gunning action is! This Mossberg deluxe gun cleaning kit Includes 6 aluminum rods, 6 mops, 2 brass adaptors, 2 plastic slotted patch holders, 25 cleaning patches, 1 double-ended nylon brush and 11 brass wire brushes, all efficiently stored in a cool shotgun shell traveling case. Wire bore brushes for 12 and 20-gauge, .410-bore and .17-, .22-, .30-, .40-, .45-, .50 and 270-caliber and even .357,.380, 9-mm barrels, Mops clean 12 and 20-gauge, .410-bore and .22, .50 and .357-caliber barrels. This gun cleaning kit gives you dependable on-the-go convenience designed for compact work spaces as well as convenient traveling accessibility, our practical gun-cleaning kit offers everything a responsible gun owner needs to perform thorough cleanings anywhere life takes you. Superior weaponry cleaning tools: mossberg creates easy-to-use gun cleaning equipment that helps you care for firearms in a professional and affordably efficient manner.

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